The easiest way to find and measure your professional resources.


Nexus uses data analytics to mine employee-specific data, like experiences and skills, to recommend in seconds which employees or contingent workers best meet a project’s needs. With machine learning, Nexus learns what employee attributes contribute to project and team success, resulting in better recommendations over time. From one central dashboard, managers can view available employees and contingent workers, make staffing requests, and visualize their organization’s resource ecosystem. Get started today


The future of resources deployment and planning.


Search for a resource, or build a team.

Fill out a two minute form and include as much project or team information as needed. Need more than one person? You can use Nexus to build an entire team for your next engagement.

We present the options that give you the best chance for success.

On every search, Nexus will generate a list of available specialists who give your project a high likelihood of success. We continuously improve your results - leveraging machine learning and feeding our technology new data related to projects and your resource network. With Nexus, we help you to fill gaps with employees rather than directing work to costly vendors.



Gain access to the most critical employee data

Our analytics help you identify inefficiencies and gaps in your resource network. With our reporting and analytics, Nexus customers can view trends and searches narrowed down to specific data tags. Every new client receives our Nexus Day One Report℠ that maps your organization’s talent pool followed with on-going monthly updates measuring the changes across your organization.

Monthly Requests




Our pre-screened vendors offer a safety net

Nexus works in partnership with ConceptDrop to screen and on-board high-quality vendors in different capacities. If you don't have an available resource, you can request a vetted Nexus vendor directly through your platform.