Nexus scans your global network of employees and vendors to help you find the best-fit resource for any project. Our powerful search tool lets you include roles, specialities, location-preferences, budgets, and timelines. Don't have someone available? Take advantage of cost-effective vendors that have already been screened by Nexus. Get started today.


We use predictive data and algorithms to make resource recommendations.

Nexus converts employee and vendor data into ranked lists of available specialists. Our system offers clients real-time visibility into their resources, and makes recommendations based on company and project goals, such as target utilization or vendor spend.


Search, view, and hire available employees and vendors in real-time.

Submit a request in less than 5 minutes. Nexus will aggregate a list of the best-fit resources that are available and a fit for your project. 

Use your built in safety net - Nexus pre-screened vendors.

Nexus works in partnership with ConceptDrop to screen and on-board high-quality vendors in different capacities. If you don't have an available resource, you can request a vetted Nexus vendor directly through your platform.


  •  Design
    • Presentations
    • Data visualization
    • Digital advertising
    • Social media images
    • Brochure / flyers
    • Logos and brand identity
    • Video
      • Corporate explainers
      • Animated presentations


    • Production
      • File conversion
      • E-books
      • Image processing
      • Augmented reality
      • Print on demand


    • Translation Services (2017)


    • Writing
      • Content marketing
      • Press releases
      • Editing
      • Web copy
      • Blogs




    View metrics from your dashboard.

    The Nexus Dashboard can be configured to highlight key resource metrics. View trends and uncover gaps in your network of employees and vendors. 

    Monthly Requests